NM500 Dynamic Bias
LF large-signal network analyzer

LF large-signal network analyzer
  • Extend your LSNA with low-frequency (LF) absolute information
  • Capture induced LF voltages and currents under modulation and pulsing
  • Extract S-parameters at frequencies below RF network analyser bandwidth


The NM500 low-frequency large-signal network analyser (LSNA) is a combination of sensing modules and test set with integrated low-frequency bias tees, aimed at the accurate characterisation of the low-frequency voltage and current in time- and frequency-domain, possibly in a non-50 Ohm environment.

Combined with the MT4463 sampler-based RF large-signal network analyser (LSNA), the NM500 brings the missing induced low-frequency voltages and currents to completely characterize active RF components in modulation and pulse conditions.

As standalone, the NM500 allows to extract the low-frequency S-parameters to characterize passive or active LF components such as bias tees.

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Key values

  • Frequency range from 10kHz to 24 MHz
  • High voltage and current capability
  • Accurate time-domain waveforms, e.g. waves, voltages and currents
  • Access to LF termination independent of DC
  • Customizable Test Set to fit customer requirements

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