Visualization of impedances

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Visualization of impedances

Postby marcvb » Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:52 pm

A basic Smith Chart is shown in Tab 1 of the DUT - Basic Display. One can setup any display area with Smith Chart.

The values, shown in the Smith Chart, are only valid after a valid calibration. Without calibration A and B variables are used in the wrong way to provide any meaningful information.

One can look at all frequency components (see attachment) or select frequencies. Frequencies that are not excited provide noisy meaningless reflection factors.

It is possible to select the port for which one wants to see reflection factor (see attachment)

The definition of the voltage and current is that the current is flowing to the device. As such one needs to revert the current, looking into the instrument port (see attachment)

How to select frequency and port to visualize a reflection factor and select proper direction of current
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