How can I access the tutorials

Tutorials about ICE or any of the installed plugins.

How can I access the tutorials

Postby dimitrig » Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:28 am


We encourage people to watch the movie tutorials on our website. You can find tutorials under the various product sections on our website, under support. You can access the tutorials directly on the movies page.


Should you have no internet access, or want to view the tutorials offline, then please use the ICE CD that you received. In case you have no CD, or would like to receive an updated one, please request a trial CD on our website, or ask directly to your NMDG contact.

To run the tutorials from the CD, just insert it into your CD drive. A webpage should open automatically when you do this. Otherwise explore the CD, and open index.html from the CD. On this webpage, you will find a section about Tutorials. It contains information about the tutorials which are available, and a link to the movies page. You can copy the content of the Tutorials folder, in case you want to put the movies on some other kind of storage.

:arrow: Flash Player
To view the movie tutorials, you need flash player installed on your system. If it is not yet installed, you will be automatically redirected when accessing on the tutorials on the website. You can also find a copy of the installer on the CD.
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