Upcoming events

  • International Microwave Symposium - IMS 2014 / June 1-6, 2014 / Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
    • Workshop

      "Efficient RF Design Using Practical Behavioral Models - Bridging the Gap Between Measurements and Simulations"
      WMC - Full-day Workshop - Monday June 2nd 2014 - 8.00am-5.00pm - Room 21
      Sponsor: ARFTG and MTT-11 Microwave Measurements

      Behavioral modeling is a topic that has been researched already extensively, surely in the power amplifier areas. Different techniques have been presented and discussed in the scientific world, like large-signal S-parameters, Volterra approaches, envelope domain etc. Meanwhile some trademark solutions are changing the way industry looks at behavioral models. But still there is a lot of confusion about the role and positioning of the different techniques.

      Recently these behavioral modeling tools moved also to other areas in the wireless community, such as energy harvesting and wireless power transfer devices, software defined radio, or in a more general sense mixed-signal devices. To realize a meaningful acceptance of behavioral modeling techniques, the models should be easy to use, easy to extract and should describe the behavior of the devices and systems in the best way possible, while being simple and intuitive.

      Presently behavioral modeling seems to be a tool for the happy few who can master the modeling theory, who understands the subtle measurements and who know how to use those models properly in a simulation environment. This is exactly where this workshop fits. The workshop brings together the modeling approaches, the instrumentation for parameter extraction and the simulation environments. It will position the different techniques against the application space, explain the capabilities and limitations. It will be possible to discuss these techniques and to have some hands on.

      The workshop will finish with live demos and hands-on of real behavioral model test benchs from Agilent, IT Aveiro University, Mesuro and National Instruments.

    • MicroApps

      Attend NI presentations in the IMS MicroApps Theater (booth 1443)

    • Exhibition

      Visit the National Instruments Booth at IMS2014 to See How NI and AWR are Redefining RF and Microwave Instrumentation
      Exhibition Floor - Booth 633 - 3-5 June 2014

      • Speak one-on-one with NI engineers
      • View live product demonstrations
      • Learn what's new with NI LabVIEW 2013
    • NI/AWR 10th annual IMS Appreciation Party

      Join us for the NI/AWR 10th annual IMS Appreciation Party!
      Wednesday, June 4 - 7:00pm to Midnight - Splitsville Luxury Lanes in Tampa


      • IMS2014 Wireless Network
      • RFIC Symposium (cosponsored with Cadence)
      • Student Design Competition for High-Power Amplifiers
      • IMS2014 STEM Sponsor

      Preregister for the NI/AWR IMS Appreciation Party at awrcorp.com/awr-ims2014.