Extending a Agilent VNA to characterize and analyze
the Harmonic Behavior of Active Components

 Analyzing active HF components under realistic conditions:
  • One Instrument
  • One Approach from Characterization to Modeling and Simulation
  • From Transistor to System
 Measuring accurately at the component:
  • Small-Signal
    • S-parameters
    • Matched conditions
  • Large-Signal
    • Voltages and currents
    • Incident and scattered waves
    • Many other derived specifications
    • Mismatched conditions


Add to your Agilent VNA the NMDG large-signal measurement technology to analyze harmonic component behavior.

NM100 PNAPlus is a combination of software and hardware, running on top of selected Agilent Vector Network Analyzers (VNA). This combination aims at the characterization of the harmonic behavior of high-frequency components, including diodes, transistors, power amplifiers etc...

On top of the regular capabilities of the Agilent VNA, NM100 measures, in a calibrated way, the incident and reflected waves or voltages and currents at the ports of a component under test, under realistic conditions using a periodic harmonic-related stimulus.

It adds following capabilities to your Agilent PNA:

  • Analysis of non-linear harmonic behavior in frequency domain
  • Harmonic measurements, including phase
  • Fundamental and harmonic tuning
  • Time domain representation
  • Non 50 Ohm measurements


NM100 is available on a selection of Agilent 2-port and 4-port PNA, PNA-L and PNA-X series. It supports a frequency range from 600 MHz up to 20GHz.

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Key values

  • One connection from small-signal to large-signal HF characterization
  • Reliability testing of semiconductors under HF conditions
  • Certified quality of large-signal transistor models and design kits
  • Improved large-signal models
  • Better and faster amplifier characterization and design
  • Fast and complete test capability, even in non-50 Ohm environment
  • New insight in diodes, transistors, amplifiers, multipliers and dividers
  • Customization by experts to meet the need of the customer

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